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New Princess Diana Set
We are very excited about the new British Set of Princess Diana
just released the 3rd of February.

Set 5 attached stamps $4.45  -
or get them  In our special StampMagnet $8.75

Just as we carry EVERY
new issue of Princess Diana, we have this beautiful new
set rushed to us from England.
Besides the stamp sets we carry
the official covers,
presentation packs, Silk covers
and we will also have unfolded full sheets. * * *

The Presentation Packs
dineweng5ppphotoss.jpg (20475 bytes)
Along with the 5 stamps in a archival quality holder and photos of Diana from child to Princess, these Packs include a tribute to Diana written by Mike Barden, and a copy of a letter dineweng5ppchildss.jpg (3947 bytes)Order
from a 5 year old girl written after her death.

We are offering this great gift item at $8.95.

A complete set of 5 attached is $4.45.
NOTE: The British Government has decided to reprint the stamps untill everyonre has as many as the want.  This unpresented move means it will be difficult to distuinguish the origional 1997, stamps which were printed within days of her death, from the very plentful and 1998 reprints.  We threfore recommend collecting sets with the printing date attached as shown below.  You can see in the margin the "09 09 97" or Sept 9, 1997

(Please see our Princess Diana full sheet sheet diagram. ) 
We offer at $24.95, the sheets top margin gutter set of 4 sets with the date, and the now out of business printer's name "Harrison" shown in the margin, or $19.95 for the sheet's bottom margin gutter set of 4 sets. Or $18.95 for a middle cross gutter block. These gutter blocks come packaged with a ridged board to retain their unfolded state.    Order
For full details see
dineweng506datetop20.jpg (122250 bytes)
our Princess Diana full sheet sheet diagram.

There are two Official covers from the British Government. One Cover with a postmark from "Kensington" Palace where Princess Diana lived and another with "Edinburgh", the home of the British Royal Mail.   The covers will be $7.75 for one or $14.95 for both Official Covers.

dineweng5cover.jpg (31981 bytes)

A full UNFOLDED sheet is $89.95 Plus an additional $6 for the wood we will use to protect it. We probably be the only dealer offering the sheet UNFOLDED. We had to sign special waivers and ship them our own shipping container in order to received them unfolded from England. Order

gregs-dad-frame-sml.jpg (16631 bytes) We had Michael's frame ours.
They use acid and oil free
archival quality papers and
UV protective glass for
what they describe as
"museum safe" framing.
You can find one near you at

Shown is Greg's Dad George
with a complete sheet
Dated 06-09-97
September 6, 1997
The date of  Princess
Diana's Funeral

* * * We have a few sheets with the date of 06 09 97
dineweng5o6date.jpg (6926 bytes)

06-09-97  printed on their top
This is the date of Princess Diana's funeral - the"Presses were stopped" and many "experts"  believed this date did not exist.   It appears that just prior to the funeral some were printed. We have a few left and we think we found almost all the unfolded full sheets with this date that were available.   $199

The Benham Silk covers
There are 6 in the set. Only 5000 sets produced
dinewengsilkcovr.jpg (18311 bytes)
The image on the left of the cover (above) is a
raised 3-d image printed on silk.  It is difficult to scan
- you must see AND TOUCH to appreciate

The set will have 6 covers. 5 individual covers, one different cover for each of the 5 stamps and one additional cover with all 5 attached stamps (on a single cover). The set will be $39 for all 5 silk covers.  The single silk cover of all 5 stamps will cost $13.95. 

More Offers and Information

- StampMagnets

We were selected to be the Sole US Distributor of the

StampMagnet version of the set of 5. The StampMagnets use a
copyrighted process to deliver the ultimate in clarity. The clear cover is
bonded to a special magnetic medium. The result is the perfect gift for
any Princess Diana Collector. The set of 5 in a patented magnetic
display unit - This StampMagnet - cost $8.75/1 or $79/10

An ideal Gift. Place them on the home refrigerator, office cabinet,
or use them as a special bookmark.
We also have individual StampMagnets of one of the
the above stamps for $11.95 for all 5.

These items are also available through Paulette's Approval Service
dineweng81x2magnet.jpg (13622 bytes)
StampMagnets of the 1981 Royal Wedding Set

dineweng81x4magnets.jpg (6931 bytes)

For more Princess Diana items
We have thousands of Princess Diana Stamps -
both the older issues which started
with the Royal Wedding in 1981
through the classic
and ALL of the New issues.
As you know we have an approval service and new issue
service that Paulette runs. You can read about it at


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