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Set 5 for $4.45 also Full Unfolded Sheets dated 06 09 97
the date the stamp printing presses stopped for Princess Diana's Funeral

Princess Diana Memorial Fund Logo and Fund Surcharge
Diana's Logo
Princess Diana
New March 13

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On the occasion of her wedding
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These are the first 23of   26 Total Souvenir Sheets (SS)
and 26 First Day Covers from the United Kingdom's
Crown Agents*
Click to view
the set 26 SS
dicrownbwsml.jpg (16856 bytes)

*26 countries, Ascension Island, Bahamas, Bermuda, Belize, British Antarctic Territories, British Indian Ocean Territories, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Falkland Islands, Fiji, Gibraltar, Kiribati, Namibia, Niue, Papua, Pitcairn, St. Helena, St. Kitts, Samoa, Seychelles, Solomon Islands, South  Georgia, Tristan Da Cunha, Tokelau, Tuvalu, Vanuatu,
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This omnibus series was released March 31.
Diana's signature, the official logo of Princess Diana's Fund
is printed on the selvage or border around the stamps.
A portion of the proceeds from this issue
will be donated to the Princess of Wales Memorial Fund
.Princess Diana Memorial Fund Logo and Fund Surcharge
You can also see above Diana's personal logo
and the 20p donation (surcharge) for her fund.

NOTE: Some items will arrive after March 31, 
The Complete set of Souvenir Sheets retail at $130 and
the matching First Day Covers for $181.  Our price should be:
Complete Set all 26 SS for $119
Complete Set First Day Covers $169
Buy Both for $279

View the first 23 SS Now

There are 7 stamps of Princess Diana issued by England
Five from the recent memorial issue of 5 attached stamps and 2 from the 1981 Royal Wedding.  We have tried to offer the Classic 1981 set with its match in the 1997 set.

dineweng5o6date.jpg (6926 bytes) Set of 5 from England
Note be sure and get
the original 1997
$4.45/set 5
The complete set
The five 1997 stamps and two 1981 for
-> $ ____
di81engpairs.jpg (9177 bytes)
(Engagement Picture)
1981 Royal Wedding Set
This set of 2, along with the
1997 Princes Diana
Commemorative issue of 5,
constitutes a complete set
of all English stamps  bearing the likeness of
Princess Diana
The complete set
The five 1997 stamps and two 1981 for
> $ ____
The British Post Office Royal Wedding Post Card Set
View di2a
WE recommend the addition
The Official Royal Wedding Post Cards set
29 July 1981 to the
Lady Diana Spencer


Best Buy!
-> $ ____
Click to view the Presentation Pack The Princess Diana
Presentation Pack

Includes a letter in
memory of Princess Diana from a 5 year old, Photos, Original 1997 Stamps and More
The complete set
The New 97 Presentation Pack  and the Official 1981 Royal Wedding Pack
$42.95 Both* *
-> $ ____
Matching 1981
Presentation Pack

Includes Mint Stamp Set

The British Post Office Royal Wedding Book
View di3cov

The 16 page
British Post Office
Official Presentation Pack
Commemorating the

The Royal Wedding Pack
29 July 1981 to the
Lady Diana Spencer

di3cov - Page 3 - Page 5
page 6 - Page 7 - Page 9 - Page 14
The complete set
The New 97 Presentation Pack  and the Official 1981 Royal Wedding Pack
$42.95 Both
* * Limited
e-mail for

-> $
dineweng5covers.jpg (12988 bytes) The British Post Office
Official First day of Issue Souvenir Cover

Postmarked from Kensington Palace in London where Princess Diana Lived
Also a second cover Postmarked "Edinburgh", the home of the British
Royal Mail.
$7.75 for one
or $14.95 for both Official Covers.
(Kensington and Edinburgh Scotland)

$24.95/3 (Royal Wedding, Kensington Palace and Edinburgh)

The British Post Office Royal Wedding Book
View di4
The British Post Office
Official First day of Issue Souvenir Cover

Commemorating the occasion of

The Royal Wedding
View di4
Zoom to cover
Zoom to card


$24.95/3 (Royal Wedding, Kensington Palace and Edinburgh)

-> $ ____

and SAVE
All Three Sets Above
The Official Post Card Set of 2,
The 16 page Souvenir Book of the Royal Wedding, the Souvenir Presentation Pack of the new issue,
and the First Day of issue Covers of the Royal Wedding Set and the Two New covers from Kensington Palace and Edinburgh
dineweng506datetop20s.jpg (20654 bytes)
06   09   97
"The day the stamp printing presses stopped"
Full UNFOLDED Sheets with the date of

Princess Diana's funeral  $159 - > VIEW
For the sophisticated Collector
we also offer Top blocks of 4 sets and full UNFOLDED sheets.  All with the original printing date in 1997 attached
We sell only the original stamps issued in 1997
We do not sell the 1998 reprints.
The British government has said they will reprint and reprint which destroyed any collectable value for the reprinted stamps.
di81engxgutter4s.jpg (16856 bytes)
Greg's Gutter Special
dineweng506datetop20s.jpg (20654 bytes)
Gutter Blocks of 4 sets of both the 1981 Royal Wedding Set ($400 value) and the 1997 printing of the Princess Diana Commemorative issue with attached 1997 date $64.95 $64.95
Another Cool Stamp honoring Princess Diana from added 3 feb 98 Go to next menu
Feb 03 98
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