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dicov-benham5.jpg (104232 bytes) Finally the 5 individual
Silk covers
from England

Only 5000 sets produced.

Each set comes with its own unique card outlining the life of Diana.  This is a stunning set.  Note the silk is 3-d in nature and scans poorly.  You must see to appreciate!
ITEM -dicov-benham5-
$47.95/set 5

$47.95/set 5

di9807silvercoin.jpg (30414 bytes) Our 99.9% Silver Coin
$20 Face Sold Nationally for $50 only $44.95

from Liberia

It is hard to scan this brilliant highly polished silver beauty - Believe me its a WOW!!!

ITEM -di9807silvercoin-
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Sale! Only

di9807cupro-nickelcoin.jpg (42853 bytes) Set 3Cupro Nickel Coins - each with a $5 face from Liberia
ITEM -di9807cupro-nickelcoin-
<- Click to view $28.95/3

di9807afghan9.jpg (51463 bytes) From Afghan Post a beautiful Tribute to Diana
ITEM -di9807afghan9-

di9807sttom-goldss.jpg (34698 bytes) Gold  SS from St Tome'e Principle. I could not get the scanner to show the very shinny gold border around the SS and the gold wreath around Diana's image. It shows as black $9.95
ITEM -di9807sttom-goldss-

di9807-3crowns.jpg (83841 bytes) Three new commonwealth sets - not part of the original 26
Tonga, Niuafo'ou, Botswana

ITEM -di9807-3crowns-
<- Click to view
WOW! Only

di9807botswana-set4.jpg (33557 bytes) Set 4 from Botswana
These are different stamps than the SS from Botswana above
ITEM -di9807botswana-set4-
WOW! Only

di9806guinee9wow.jpg (114084 bytes) Our 4th of July Special
Diana - Republic of Guinea
Click to View the sheet Greg
calls simply WOW!!!

ITEM -di9806guinee9wow-
<- Click to view $3.95
WOW! Only

di9805djbouti.jpg (56423 bytes) Diana - Republic of Djibouti
ITEM -di9805djbouti-
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di9805angss-mines.jpg (20357 bytes) *Diana - in the mine fields*
from Angola
ITEM -di9805angss-mines-

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di9805ang-tan.jpg (61942 bytes) *Diana -Tan *
from Angola with tan background
  ITEM -di9805ang-tan-

di9805ang-green.jpg (64557 bytes) *Diana - Green*
from Angola with green background
  ITEM -di9805ang-green-

di9806burfss-peach.jpg (67676 bytes) The Peach Kimono
*Diana - Visit to Japan*

from Burkina Faso
ITEM -di9806burfss-peach-

<- Click to view

di9806tog-goldcrown.jpg (46167 bytes) *Gold SS of Diana with Crown*
by Togolaise
  ITEM -di9806tog-goldcrown-

di9806tog-goldgrace.jpg (40307 bytes) *Gold SS of Diana with Princess Grace*
by Togolaise
  ITEM -di9806tog-goldgrace-

di9806somss.jpg (44893 bytes) *SS  Mother Teresa*
by Somalia
  ITEM -di9806somss-

di9806somset3.jpg (46116 bytes) *Diana- Mother Teresa*
by Somalia set 3
$9.95   ITEM -di9806somset3-

di9806bolset2.jpg (31580 bytes) *Diana - Bolivia*
Set 2
$2.95   ITEM -di9806bolset2-

disg-album.jpg (40209 bytes)
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*Diana- Princess of Wales Collecting Book*
by Stanley Gibbons
Full color illustrations from 25 countries (32pages of > 100 stamps)

ITEM -diana-album-
So Beautiful!

Above with $47.95 of  Pre cut Mounts
for all
the stamps

Collecting Book
and Mounts

ITEM -album-+ mounts

a few of the more than 100 stamps

The Ultimate

*Stamps Plus the Diana- Princess of Wales
Collecting Book*

by Stanley Gibbons
Full color illustrations from 25 countries (32pages of  > 100 stamps)

ITEM -diana-album-
move-rose.gif (4485 bytes)
The above Book
plus Over 100 Beautiful Mint Stamps + Mounts
FREE Phone Card

di9805bbc-cover.jpg (74590 bytes)

*1/500 NUMBERED Covers signed by Jennie Bond of BBC TV * Only 500 signed on the issue date of the new Diana Stamp - Jennie Bond was the Anchor - Correspond who Reported the Princess Diana Tragedy for the BBC
ITEM -di9805bbc-cover-

di3cov.jpg (52759 bytes) Sold out for 4 Months now a very few are Back in stock
*The Royal Wedding Souvenir Book*
Free Presentation Pack of 1997 issue from England ITEM -di3cov-   $39.95 

diphonecard.jpg (214917 bytes)

*$10 Phone card at face + 10% (good for $10 in US$ in Phone Services)*
ITEM diphonecard   $11.00

end9709di5-blk10all11.jpg (48305 bytes)

*All 11 dates in blocks of 10*  Of the Princess Diana Commemorative issue from England. 
ITEM end9709di5-blk10all11

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