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Princess Diana
April 28, '98

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urg98ss-di-kids.jpg (9018 bytes)

*Uruguay, Diana with India's Children*
ITEM -urg98ss-di-kids-

uga9733ss-di-teresa.jpg (9758 bytes)

*Uganda, with Mother Teresa*
ITEM -uga9733ss-di-teresa-

tur98di1x100m.jpg (3631 bytes)

*Turkmenistan, Single stamp tribute*
ITEM -tur98di1x100m-

nig98ss-di-red.jpg (11785 bytes)

*Niger, For Children with Aids*
ITEM -nig98ss-di-red-

jam9801co-di-terresa.jpg (6688 bytes)

*Jamaica Angels, with Mother Teresa*
ITEM -jam9801co-di-terresa-

les9705co-di6xm3.jpg (33982 bytes)

*Lesotho, Tribute to Diana*
ITEM -les9705co-di6xm3-

les9705ss-diboquet.jpg (12525 bytes)

*Lesotho, Bouquet for Diana*
ITEM -les9705ss-diboquet-

mad98di9x350.jpg (50415 bytes)

*Madagascar, Tribute to Diana*
ITEM -mad98di9x350-

arm98-di6x250.jpg (12232 bytes)

*Armenia, Tribute to Diana*
ITEM -arm98-di6x250-

buf98di150x9.jpg (102723 bytes)

*Burkina Faso, Diana in Gowns 150f*
ITEM -buf98di150x9-

buf98di180x9.jpg (101858 bytes)

*Burkina Faso, Famous People 180f*
ITEM -buf98di180x9-

buf98diss1500f.jpg (32919 bytes)

*Burkina Faso, Red Cross*
ITEM -buf98diss1500f-

buf98diss-bouquet.jpg (28984 bytes)

*Burkina Faso, Diana with Bouquet*
ITEM -buf98diss-bouquet-

buf98-di180x9.jpg (93896 bytes)

*Burkina Faso, Diana in Gowns 180f*
ITEM -buf98-di180x9-

gui98-di200x9.jpg (91352 bytes)

*Guinea, Diana in Gowns 200f**
ITEM -gui98-di200x9-

gui98-di250x9.jpg (104878 bytes)

*Guinea, Bouquets of flowers 250f*
ITEM -gui98-di250x9-

gui98-di750x9.jpg (91345 bytes)

*Guinea, Famous people high Value 750f*
Pope Paul II
, Mother Teresa,Chess, Stalone, More
ITEM -gui98-di750x9-

gui98ssdi-1500f.jpg (50446 bytes)

*Guinea,  the ultimate Portrait of Diana*
ITEM -gui98ssdi-1500f-

gui98ssdi-blue.jpg (57161 bytes)

*Guinea, Taj Mahal in blue*
ITEM -gui98ssdi-blue-

gui98ssdi-castro.jpg (39343 bytes)

*Guinea, Pope Paul and Castro* Meet in front of the Princess Diana Memorial
ITEM -gui98ssdi-castro-

gui98ssdi-elton.jpg (48998 bytes)

*Guinea, Elton John and Princess Diana*
ITEM -gui98ssdi-elton-

buf98ssdi-missu.jpg (52936 bytes)

*Burkina Faso, "We will miss you"*
ITEM -buf98ssdi-missu-

gui98ssdi-red.jpg (58975 bytes)

*Guinea, Taj Mahal in RARE Red*
ITEM -gui98ssdi-red-

jam9801co-di6xs20.jpg (18545 bytes)

*Jamaica, England's Rose*
ITEM -jam9801co-di6xs20-

mic9713co-diana6x60.jpg (48056 bytes)

*Micronesia SS to Diana*
ITEM mic9713co-diana6x60

diphonecard.jpg (214917 bytes)

*$10 Phone card at face + 10% (good for $10 in US$ in Phone Services)*
ITEM diphonecard

end9709di5-blk10all11.jpg (48305 bytes)

*All 11 dates in blocks of 10*  Of the Princess Diana Commemorative issue from England.  We are 99.5% certain that only 6 dates of the 04 exist attached to stamps!
ITEM end9709di5-blk10all11

crownsml.jpg (13200 bytes)

*Crown Agents  26 SS* - 26 Countries - each with a different SS approved by the Royal Palace*
ITEM dicrownset

di9804-crown-covers.jpg (45904 bytes)

*Crown Agents Covers* - 26 Countries - each with a different SS affixed to beautiful first day covers.
ITEM di9804-crown-covers

diniger2foil.jpg (43053 bytes)

*Niger set of 2 foil SS*
ITEM diniger2foil

som98co9v-di-heads.jpg (52342 bytes) *Somaliland Tribute to Diana*
ITEM -som98co9v-di-heads-

lib98ss-di-spandex.jpg (33532 bytes) *Liberia Diana in Black outfit*
ITEM -lib98ss-di-spandex-

lib98ss-di-silhoulette.jpg (9447 bytes) *Liberia Diana Silhouette*
ITEM -lib98ss-di-silhoulette-

lib98ss-di-frame.jpg (38929 bytes) *Liberia "Framed"   Diana* This is a real WOW! A huge SS that looks already framed
ITEM -lib98ss-di-frame-

lib98ss-di-crown.jpg (26196 bytes) *Liberia in Crown and Gown* A Paulette Favorite!
ITEM -lib98ss-di-crown-

lib98ss-di-cathedral.jpg (50807 bytes) *Liberia Diana and Cathedral*  Huge beautiful Sheet
ITEM -lib98ss-di-cathedral-

lib98ss-di-bw-photos.jpg (27518 bytes) *Liberia  Photos* Black and White
ITEM -lib98ss-di-bw-photos-

lib98co-diset4x25.jpg (17347 bytes) *Liberia set 4 attached*
ITEM -lib98co-diset4x25-

lib98co-di4x50.jpg (33741 bytes) *Liberia Purple SS*
ITEM -lib98co-di4x50-

lib98co9x36-di-proof.jpg (46929 bytes) *Liberia Proof Set 9*
ITEM -lib98co9x36-di-proof-

lib98co6v-di-paint.jpg (57929 bytes) *Liberia  Paintings in* Water Color
ITEM -lib98co6v-di-paint-

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jeff-brian-frame-vert.jpg (35046 bytes)
Jeff and Brian Caron
with framed sheet of the rare 06-09-97