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Diana as a Child to Princess Sept.
  • Coins of Diana
  • Royal Wedding set
  • Rare imperf SS
Di and Elton John Sept.
  • Elton John
  • Mother Teresa
  • Land Mines
14 Souvenir Sheet Set-SEE 3 Oct Oct.
  • Set 14 Souvenir
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New Diana Local Stamps WOW! Oct.
  • 2 Sets of Beautiful
    Local Sheets
Set of stamps from the 14 Omnibus Countries Oct.
  • Set 14 Stamp
Set of Official Covers Of Countries Oct.
  • Cool Covers
  • Greg's Favorite SS
More Beautiful covers and SS Oct.
  • Cool Covers
  • New Souvenir Sheets
More Beautiful covers and SS Nov.
  • Cool All Brand New! - They finally arrive
  • WOW! Famous People Souvenir Sheets
  • Official Royal Wedding Maxi Cards
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More Beautiful covers and SS Nov.
  • New set 3 SS from Mordovia
  • Diana Baby to Teen - Set 3
  • Gold Foil SS from Chad
  • Invest in Montserrat Diana SS
More Stamps, covers and SS Nov.
  • New set 3 SS from Honduras
  • Diana Teen & Princes - Liberia Set 3
  • Grenada's New Tribute
  • Our buy of the century at Half Catalog
Brand new - just released Siana Stamps Dec.
  • BRAND New sets just released
    November 25 from Chad,
    Mali, St Thomas,
    Togo, & Niger
  • .

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Brand new - just released Siana Stamps Dec.
  • BRAND New sets just released
    December 17
  • Niger
  • .Comores,

  • Chechenia, Dominica, Gambia, Mongolia,
  • Palau, St. Vincent Grenedines, Turkmenistan
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Brand new - just released Siana Stamps Dec.
  • Greg's Favorite set - WOW!
  • BRAND New sets just released
    November 25 from Niger
  • .

  • See them First and see them all
New Diana site of North Korean Stamps added Jan 98 by VERY

  • Souvenir Sheets of Diana as girl
  • 3-d Stamp set - a MUST SEE
  • Mini Sheets of the Wedding
  • Stamp sets of Diana as a Child


New Diana added Jan 98 by Jan
  • New Set of 2 MS and SS from Ghana
  • Korean CTO's
New Diana added Jan 98 by Classic
Early &
Rare &
One-of-a Kind
Princess Diana

Classic and Rare
and one-of-a-kind items

Another Cool Stamp honoring Princess Diana from Added Jan 1998 Feb
  • 9 Incredible SS from Niger of famous people - WOW!
  • 3 Added Values to the Togo Dresses SS - previously only 6 of the nine were released
  • New Korean CTOs
di98fmalihorsetalls.jpg (6163 bytes) Feb 28
  • So Many new!
  • Madagascar with paintings as a Child
  • Mali - Paulette's Favorite Diana on a horse
    Diana and President Clinton
    Diana with Nelson
  • Turkmenistan - Famous People - Ghandi
  • Niger - Set 4
  • Togolaise cool photos including Hiliary Clinton
  • Sierra Lieon Famous People
  • Zambia with Barbara Bush
  • Antigua Barbuda - Pope, famous people and Boys
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The Royal Wedding
set of 2 from 1981
March 1 View England's 7 stamps of Princess Diana
The Memorial set of 5 from 1997 but  just released

dicrownbwsml.jpg (16856 bytes) Mar 13 British Crown Agents - 26 Countries
View the early Proof sets of the 26
Souvenir sheets to be released 1 April
Another Cool Stamp honoring Princess Diana from added 16 Mar 98 Mar 15 Just Added!!!
See Dozen Different Countries
dicrownpromo.jpg (24953 bytes) April 11 1st of 6
Benham Silks

The first 23 of
the British Crown
Agent's 26 Country set
They just
arrived and they
rate a WOW!!!


gui98ssdi-missu.jpg (52936 bytes) April 28 200 new Stamps
di9805-aitutaki-ss.jpg (28432 bytes) May 16 Princess Diana - World Ambassador\

Princess Diana Album from SG

New Diana High Value SS May 26 New and in stock!!!
Princess Diana Postage Stamp Album
Chad Gold Stamps
Royal Wedding Souvenir Book Back in stock
Cover signed by Jennie Bond of BBC TV



set of 5 for $11.95

set of 5 for $8.75

dineweng81x2magnets.jpg (4676 bytes)
the ultimate - 1981 Royal wedding
gutter set- $29.95

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The Princess Diana Sheet dated 06-09-97
Now 1 Sheet Dated 04-09-97
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